Ryder Mann is a former Navy Seal who has extensive training in Martial Arts and underwater demolition. After getting kicked out by his abusive girlfriend and later fired from his job as a Bouncer at The Ranch House,he rides to The County Fair. There he enters the Virtual game “Save River City” and has to ride as Scooterman, a fictitious game Character who is dedicated to fighting crime and taking down the Evil Les Grand.


First used as experimental dummies on The Scooter Race track, Les Grand created The Mopedrones to help Scooter racers compete with their timing and competition when other riders weren’t available. Brainstorming after a night of drinking Scotch, Les decided to reprogram them to enforce his City Laws, collect rents and basically cause havoc in River City


JETT aka Scootergirl is a set Fictitious Character in “Save River City” Virtual Game. She is a ride and guide throughout the Game and assists players who play and ride as the Character “Scooterman”.


KillGulls are Robotic Birds that fly around River City delivering eviction notices, perform border patrol of the city and also at times assist The Mopedrones with their daily tasks of enforcing rules in River City. There are currently 500 KillGulls in River City.


Lester Grand aka Les Grand is the Richest Man in River City and owns everything and anything that exists in the City. His Family amassed a serious fortune during prohibition days. Les lives in his Gigantic Mansion on the Hill overlooking the City.There he spends quality time drinking Scotch and controlling his robots who cause havoc in the City. Les is a former Marine who also was a professional Motocross and Scooter racer back in the 1960s and 1970s. After an accident left him barely cripple, he turned to Alcohol and Pain medication to ease the pain. He is a huge fan of the Rock group AC/DC and tries to dress like them whenever possible. Les is Single but has thought at times about buying a RobotWife.